Add Life to Design: Haute Design Experts’ Use of Plants and Flowers

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Sometimes the simple addition of a plant or flower can change the entire feeling of a space within your home. Here, Haute Design experts explain how to effectively use plants to elevate your interior design.

Photo Credit: Christi Nielsen

The Nielsen Collection 

I would have to say the Orchid is my go-to flower in my Designs as they channel friendship, warmth, and well-wishes.  I feel their blossoms of symmetry and unrivaled beauty arouse enchantment and reverence to clients from all personal and professional arenas. They often add a color dynamic to an otherwise neutral space.


Photo Credit: Jimi Smith Photography 

Ryan Hughes Design Build 

Plant beds in and around the pool deck areas break up all the stone and tile, and ultimately soften the entire space. Structural plants such as agave and Hawaiian ti are effective in bringing dark green or pink hues to liven up the space from the cool surface materials. These plants also define spaces while mimicking surrounding modern architectural elements.


Photo Credit: Eric Soltan Photography

Archetype Architecture 

Fresh flowers inspire an instant boost and add interest to any room. They help to bring softness and texture to a space that can otherwise be filled with hard surfaces. Flower arrangements can also be a wonderful way to draw attention to features of an interior; a tall arrangement, for example, can direct the eye to appreciate the ceiling heights of a space. Some of our favorite flowers and plants to incorporate into interior design include tulips, hydrangeas, roses, and pussy willow branches. One of the primary benefits of decorating with tulips is their diverse range of colors, from vibrant hues like yellow, pink, and red to subtle shades like lavender and cream. Hydrangea flower arrangements can be made with fresh flowers or dried flowers and look great with many different flowers, large green leaves, branches, and all interior decorating materials. Roses are not only aesthetically beautiful and available in a wide range of colors, but they also make a lovely home fragrance as well. Pussy willow branches are light, supple, and strong. They can be used as filler in flower arrangements, displayed as table décor, and woven into a beautiful spring wreath or basket. Their height helps fill an empty space with tall ceilings. Flowers and plants are one of the most important finishing touches in a home.

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