A Wine Lover’s Guide To The Most Legendary Luxury Home Estates

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Forget pairing wines with certain foods. Drink wines that suit your moods.

Sunny, sultry, bold or effervescent. Which are you? Just as music has a strong impact on moods (studies have shown that listening to upbeat music can uplift your mood), savoring a fine glass of wine surely elevates any mood experience. For example, when feeling cool, order a full-bodied Shiraz to intensify your feeling of heat. Or revel in a bold Pinot Noir to create the perfect pairing: your fiery passion blending smoothly with your cooler side.

Below are some of the most legendary luxury home estates where family, friends and frolicking are encouraged. Each home is paired with some delectable wines that celebrate all moods and all things luxurious. Explore and indulge!

Luxurious Adventures

Luxury Home Estates

Feeling adventurous: go for a wild Zinfandel and venture out here in this palatial luxury living room.

Luxury Home Estates

Feeling energetic? Enhance your savory side in this living space and embrace wines that are full of energy, which include a blush Zinfandel and a New Zealand Pinot.

Happy Hour

Luxury Home Estates

While most wines will taste better when you are in a blissful mood, nothing tops a bottle of bubbly Champagne or Prosecco. Except, perhaps, toasting the good life here in this luxury kitchen.

Sexy and Playful

Luxury Home Estates

For Sandlewood aromas that please him: select either a lightly chilled Napa Valley rare mixed blend or a velvety red Reserve wine. For Lavender scents that please her: choose a Grenache & Côtes du Rhône.

Rest & Relaxation

Luxury Home EstatesMajestic views to bask in, accompanied by some perfect bottles of wine to unwind with family and friends after your long, productive day. Select a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio and raise your glass to your success.

Deep in Thought

Luxury Home EstatesWines that enhance your contemplative mood: Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz or a white Burgundy. A silky Pinot Noir is, perhaps, best to celebrate this landscape. Delve into the seamless, easy-breezy experiences that life is trying to offer you.

The time is now to celebrate all your moods, to get drunk on life and to make luxury living your new daily happy hour.

All images courtesy of Christie’s International Real Estate



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