A Minimalist And Artistic Guest House By Susan Rocco

Susan Rocco

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This home off Las Olas was built as an artist’s studio for an artist and art collector. It also serves as a guest house. With the notion that the inhabitants of this space would come and go, in groups large and small, as much as the art that is displayed and made throughout the home, this kitchen becomes a quiet backdrop to the exciting pace and massive art collection that fills this house. Open space to display art is deliberately incorporated into the design so that the kitchen keep the gallery feel of the rest of the home. In the pantry, rows of continuous floating open shelves wrap the room in a statement-making gesture true to the design approach of the kitchen where the utilitarian becomes appreciable.

The minimalist cabinets finished in a rich, timeless dark stain on mahogany takes on a furniture-like look while simultaneously feeling like an extension of the nature beyond. There is also a sculptural feel to the juxtaposition of the contrasting cabinetry finishes. The dark mahogany cabinets read as blocks with visual mass anchoring the composition balanced by complete light and airiness in the top half of the kitchen through the floated cabinets, white hood, white countertop and backsplash and immense picture window. The center island becomes a sculpture piece in itself featuring a reclaimed wood table top. This piece, meant to feel every bit as much as a piece of art also feels as an extension of the nature beyond. Back in the pantry, the open shelves provide ample storage space for serving pieces, party platters, etc. where these are easily visible and in constant display to be appreciated.

The simplicity of the shapes and finishes that make up this kitchen make for a space that is sophisticated and impactful. This kitchen takes the form of a place to cook, a place to gather, a place to admire art, a place that compliments architecture and the view beyond. With subtle and thoughtful design gestures, this kitchen is perfectly suited to the spirit of this artful home.

Photos courtesy of Susan Rocco 

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