A Midtown Manhattan “Healthy” Redesign By Joe Human

Joe Human

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Editor’s Note: Joe Human of Designs By Human redesigned this Midtown Manhattan apartment. The result is a very chic New York City unit. Take a look inside.

Joe Human Nov2019 1Photo Credit: Colby Edwards

Our client, being a successful health coach, quite often works from home spending hours of her day on the phone.

She loves simplicity but needed color and pattern to liven up the space and wanted to bring some of the elements of the outdoors in. While major construction was not on the table we decided to leave the basics of the apartment where they were and focus on creating a neutral backdrop.

Joe Human Nov2019 2Photo Credit: Colby Edwards

Painting everything a clean white started to unify the open floor plan and brightened up the space immediately. We added simple sheer drapery to not hide, but frame the view of Manhattan in the living room and a subtle pattern in the other rooms.

The living room posed the biggest challenge of the apartment as it is a long and narrow space. Flanked with the kitchen on one side, a fireplace opposite that with glass on every other wall topped off with 16-foot ceilings.

Joe Human Nov2019 3Photo Credit: Colby Edwards

We grounded the space with a custom rug, defining the living room from the other three spaces it shared, then using a more floating furniture arrangement. The main furniture was then brought in as neutral basics but styled up with fun colors, patterns and prints to allow her to change out through the seasons.

Joe Human Nov2019 4Photo Credit: Colby Edwards

We incorporated a mixture of new artwork from local artists and sentimental pieces and a custom dog bed for Jack the dog to create a finished home.

Joe Human Nov2019 5Photo Credit: Colby Edwards

For more on Joe Human, visit www.hauteresidence.com/designer/joe-human/.

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