A Luxe Minimalism Living Room By FATHOM Design Company

Kelly Dunn

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Photo Credit: John Friedrich

Minimalism in interior design is about clarity and a sense of zen, but all too often we get hung up on minimal texture and minimal color. The best spaces are the ones that take risks and in this living room, we dared to let a few knockout pieces stand for themselves. We grounded the space with natural elements while infusing a rich color palette with soft, luxurious texture.

This one-of-a-kind sofa was found in a warehouse buried under bolts of fabric and lovingly named, Giuseppe. Covered in a Ralph Lauren crushed velvet, its chesterfield style paired with mid-century modern legs is the epitome of luxe and sophistication. It softens the cold stone of the magnum fireplace yet stands strong on its own. No throw pillows necessary.

Photo Credit: John Friedrich

The unique tree sculpture next to the sofa was actually a fallen tree at one point that was stripped and charred and now repurposed as natural art, adding intrigue, texture, and warmth. The way it stands formidable and opposite the fireplace is an irony that deepens the character of the space.

We wanted textural window treatments, but for this application, we chose to think outside the box. Whenever you do something unexpected in interior design you breathe life into the space, giving it a pulse as this creates a sense of safety and desire. We cut thousands of strips of carpet binding and knotted them onto a galvanized pipe that acted as our curtain rod. The result is a stellar covering that filters the light and blends with the walls so naturally, you get the feeling you’re under a weeping willow tree. Pair that with the silk rug and oversized art and you are left with a calming, luxurious space evoking a personality all its own.

Photo Credit: John Friedrich

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