A French Estate With a $301M Price Tag Is Now the World’s Most Expensive Property

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The Chateau Louis XIV has been crowned the world’s most expensive home. It recently sold for a whooping 275 million euros, which translates to $301 million.

According to Bloomberg Business, the mansion, which is near the city of Paris, was purchased by a buyer who wished not to be identified. It is being reported that Christie’s International Real Estate had involvement in the brokering of the deal, while Cogemad took part in the development of the mega-mansion.

Located in a park, which spans 56 acres, Chateau Louis XIV features an aquarium, a cinema, a fountain outfitted with gold leaf, marble statues, a wine cellar, and many other luxurious amenities.

It took three years for the villa that was heavily influenced by the elegant designs of the 17th century to be completed.

According to records, the former title-holder for world’s most expensive home was a London penthouse that was sold in 2011 for more than $221 million.

Images courtesy of Bloomberg.com

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