A Decade of Decadence: Eyal Burstein’s ‘Beta’ Celebrates 10 Years of Swarovski Project

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Founded by Nadja Swarovski ten years ago, Swarovski Crystal Palace is a revolutionary project at Design Miami/Basel that employs Chaton-cut crystal to explore the many interpretations of light in design. Throughout the decade, the project has seen the talents of some of the world’s most prominent designers, including Missoni, Zaha Hadid, Fredrikson Stallard and Toord Boontje.

Now, Eyal Burstein is honoring the 10th anniversary of Swarovski Crystal Palace with ‘Beta,’ a colorful presentation of furniture with an obvious link to Swarovski. Burstein, a designer at Studio Beta Tank, interpreted the cut crystal shape and used it as a vehicle to push the limits of conventional seat shapes.

For example, a Plexiglas bench is transparent and reflective, an ode to the properties of iridescent crystal. Brightly hued chairs in Burstein’s showcase feature crystal-shaped metal complete with LED lights, mimicking the glow of a perfect Chaton-cut crystal.

What a happy anniversary.

Photos courtesy of James Harris, Swarovski

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