3 International Design Fairs All Design Aficionados Should Attend In March

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We’ve rounded up the best design events happening across the globe this season from Melbourne Design Week to Design Shanghai. Here are the top three design fairs all design aficionados should attend.

Photo courtesy of Melbourne Design Week 

Melbourne Design Week

When: March 14-24

One of Australia’s leading design events, Melbourne Design Week 2019 is set to be the largest yet in the history of the fair. The design week aims to push exhibitors to imagine how design can shape the future with this year’s theme centering around the experimentation of design. This 10-day event will feature 47 exhibitions, 14 film screenings, 18 workshops and more.

Photo courtesy of Singapore Design Week 

Singapore Design Week

When: March 4-17

Singapore Design Week’s 6th anniversary will take place this year on March 4-17 as the fair takes over the Southeast Asian city-state. Known as one of Asia’s premier design festivals, the fair is open to the design community, businesses, students and young designers. Singapore Design Week’s goal is to offer attendees a place where they can experience the value of design through showcases and activities.

Photo courtesy of Design Shanghai 

Design Shanghai

When: March 6-9

Design Shanghai is coined as “Asia’s leading international design event.” The 4-day event showcases some of the best design brands and galleries from across the globe and provides an exceptionally elite platform for the world’s leading architects, collectors, buyers, developers and interior designers.


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