What’s on Dona Crowder’s Desk, HLRN Exclusive Member

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1. Provide us with a brief description of your company and your position, and where you are located.
Assistant Manager’s glassed in office located in a single use commercial building in Pacific Heights, close to downtown San Francisco,….. On Van Ness Boulevard at Sacramento Street, with around 100 agents, Coldwell Banker’s top producing Northern California office.

2. Please send us a photo of the desk in your office. Make it to we can see a few key items on the desk. You can provide a selection of photos of your desk/office and we can choose which is best.

3. Describe to us 5 items that you keep on your desk. Tell us why they have meaning to you, or how they help you get the job done.
1. Item:
Why You Have It –or- How is Inspires You:
Photo of myself and buddy swimming with a giant manta ray ….. scuba diving has given me a sense of confidence in myself, independence, appreciation of and connection to the diversity of life …. It provides me with moments of great serenity and clarity, not to mention excitement!

2. Item:
Why You Have It –or- How is Inspires You:
Our 2012 Office Speakers list – I arrange for an array of speakers to present information vital for our agents to stay up to date on legislative changes and tools of the trade.

3. Item:
Why You Have It –or- How is Inspires You:
My two computers, iphone and ipad………. In sync! Contacts, Calendars, Email….. amazingly altogether in cyberspace.

4. Item:
Why You Have It –or- How is Inspires You:
My service recognition plaques……… I am inspired by all the many people I worked with over a period of many many years on various projects and committees to better our industry and practice.

5. Item:
Why You Have It –or- How is Inspires You:
The candy jar………. Agents drop by and chat…. And share!

Learn more about our Exclusive Real Estate Network member Dona Crowder.  Check out his profile for his bio, listings social media info, and more: http://www.hauteresidence.com/member/dona-crowder/

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