Voytek Faber Describes His Favorite Room at Home

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Name and describe the room in your house that you most enjoy spending time in, and explain why it’s your favorite. Does the space possess any noteworthy features or embellishments? Does it have a certain theme or color scheme?

The truth is, every room in my house is important and gratifying for various reasons. They all eloquently come together to fulfill our own needs.

Having said that, this question is being asked at the right time, as I am currently in the process of renovating our master suite.  For me, the master suite is my favorite and most important part of our home as it is where I prepare for the new day. Part of the master suite that is especially noteworthy is the master bathroom—the one place in the entire house where my day begins and comes to a close. It is my intimate and sensual sanctuary inviting me to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. No wonder, my master bathroom has been designed like a spa and exudes comfort, relaxation, and sophistication—all that forms a tranquil private oasis.

As you enter my master bathroom you are welcomed by a splash of rich and deep green-colored marble wall that spans the entire width of the back of the bathroom. It is a focal point creating a backdrop for an open-type shower and a freestanding thermo oval soaking tub. That entire area is raised creating a step-up and framing the most important parts of my bathroom. This marble backdrop unites two wet areas and it is designed to withstand water spills from the tub, or shower. All that [is in place] because there is definitely some splashing happening here—the shower has an oversized rain head and multiple body jets simulating an under-a-waterfall invigorating bathing experience. But on those days when I just need to relax and read a book, I would opt for a warm aromatic bubble bath instead. The tub is crowned with a ceiling-mounted bath filler centered over it.  The tub filler is especially interesting as it creates a single stream of water without splashing as it terminates in the tub. I created a niche in the back wall that spans the entire width of the green-marbled wall, but on the tub side it includes a triple bio-fuel fireplace, and extending into the shower it serves as a storage niche.

Opposite the feature wall is a floating double-vessel vanity. As in any bathroom, storage was important to us, so the off-white slab marble vanity with a waterfall edge tops a floating walnut cabinet extending almost the entire width of the counter. A cleverly designed storage tower on one side creates a visual “L” intersecting and contrasting with the reverse “L” of the crème-colored slab top and waterfall edge.

In the middle of our bathroom we had enough space for a soft chaise upholstered in a platinum-colored terry cloth fabric that is very soft and subtle. It is a great place to read my favorite magazine.

Floors and remaining walls in my master bathroom are finished in “leathered” warmly gray-colored marble. I chose the “leathered” custom finish as it amplifies the natural characteristics of the marble and creates subtly textured surface that is not only safer for bathroom floors, but extremely tactile to walk on barefoot. Nature has naturally calming effect; therefore, I only used nature crafted materials in my bathroom. Various textures, nature-created tones, and delicate patterns contribute to this relaxing atmosphere.

Honestly, the only thing that is missing in my bathroom is a living wall, but thankfully the large window and foliage outside almost make up for this wonderful detail.

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