‘Tip of the Tail’ Villa: A New Benchmark in Luxury Eco Living

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As a contractor in the Turks and Caicos Islands since 1998, I have been fortunate to work on many very special developments. Through the years, I have seen many building methods and have been excited by different design concepts. As I have transitioned from contractor to business owner to Realtor I am blessed to have been involved in many major projects that have changed the landscape in the TCI. None have me as excited as the contemporary “Tip of the Tail” villa on Turtle Tail Drive, Providenciales.

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I was called to look at the site the morning of Saturday June 4th, 2016 and I met up with the father and son developers from Toronto, Canada – Glenn and Tyler. To say that their energy is infectious is an understatement. To say what they have produced since clearing one of the most beautiful land Lots I have ever seen on March 7th is also an understatement. Utilizing a hurricane proof construction system called ICF, Glenn and Tyler have built a state of the art home in just 13 weeks. With a forecast completion of less than 10 weeks they will have done the seemingly impossible and built a super luxurious home in a third of the time versus using conventional building methods. Is the end result cheapened? Absolutely not! The advantages of this type of building system are endless and Glenn and Tyler’s vision for building many more of these Villas in the Turks and Caicos is not only captivating, it is inspiring. Their thought process allows no expense to be spared bringing only the very best in luxury brands from LED light fixtures to kitchen appliances to furniture.

Where our synergies crossed as Developer and Realtor is their love for ‘green’ – a passion I share. We spoke at length about the changes that are happening to our TCI Government’s regulatory framework; after many years of lobbying we will as consumers finally have the ability to ‘grid-tie’ via photovoltaic systems before the close of 2016/Q1 2017. TCI has a 6hr solar window here 350 days per year – the environment is perfect for these systems and Glenn and Tyler have designed Tip of the Tail with a flat roof large enough to take full advantage. Villas of this size normally run $6000.00/month in utility costs. This villa’s energy efficient design and construction combined with solar power will be a major impact on the buyer’s bottom line. Even more so if the buyer’s intention is to purchase the property as a business investment, the short term rental market in the Turks & Caicos Islands is super hot. The demand for the luxury vacation product is off the charts. This villa should be able to achieve $25,000- $40,000 per week in revenue…for many weeks per year. That savvy investor, that homemaker, that business entity that buys Tip of the Tail Villa will also enjoy immediate saving of $72,000.00 per annum on operational costs. Glenn and Tyler have tapped into a market that is so obviously suited to the Caribbean region and specifically Turks and Caicos as the region’s number one tourist destination – net-zero housing. Our excited conversation led us still further to Tesla and the installation of power walls and the provision of electric cars, all very real possibilities given the changes that we can expect to see in the way people are thinking and the changes to the electrical ordinance that are finally being realized.


The point I am trying to make with the above and what was evident from early in our conversation is that Glenn and Tyler just ‘get it’. They ‘get it’ and they are realizing their vision in such a way as I could not help but get caught up in their excitement and want to be part of their journey. I am privileged that they have indeed selected me to be part of their journey and in turn to be able to share this opportunity with you. Regency, the exclusive affiliates of Christie’s International Real Estate, in conjunction with these visionary developers, are offering Tip of the Tail Villa at a signature price of $8,881,492.00. I can honestly say it really is worth every dollar. From the secluded location to the attention to every conceivable detail – fire pit, yoga deck, walk-up bar, Zen garden, outdoor kitchen and lap pool with acrylic wall, to the highest possible design and material standards. From the easy design flow of the Villa to the ability to paddleboard or kayak through the surrounding mangroves via your own private beach. Direct access to the south coast and the inland waterways to the North, all dreamily accessible from this luxury villa.

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From the moment you step through the 5-foot-wide exotic wood pivot door; be prepared to be mesmerized. What awaits you is an expansive space of contemporary indoor /outdoor open plan living and a 20-foot-wide pocket door framing one of Mother Nature’s most amazing works of art: The turquoise ocean called the Caicos Banks.

Brass tacks: typical water frontage in the Turks and Caicos for this level of property is 100’. Tip of the Tail Villa has 456’. Typical land size for this level of property in Turks and Caicos is less than half an acre. Tip of the Tail Villa boasts 1.1acres. With plans in place to provide mature indigenous landscaping this is really where celebrities should come to diversify their portfolio and hide from the World. This Villa and the surrounding beauty screams rock star! With the unfortunate passing of Prince and his palatial home being just a short walk away from Tip of the Tail that statement is not as salacious as it sounds. Turks has always attracted the ‘A’ List and with the likes of Bruce Willis, Michael Douglas & Christie Brinkley as examples already owning property in the TCI this really is the new playground of the rich and famous. Certainly we residents will miss Prince’s impromptu concerts when he was ‘on Island’ although with Rihanna ‘on Island’ as I am writing this it is obvious that we will continue to be a magnet for the World’s greatest entertainment talent.


World’s number one beach. World’s number one Island. Easily accessible from anywhere in the continental US. No Tax. Why wouldn’t they come here?

In closing the buyer still has time to connect with the Developers and I and put their own unique stamp on this property. If that 6th bedroom needs to be an office, we still have time. If that 5th bedroom needs to be a wine cellar we still have time. If that storage space needs to be a theatre, we still have time. We have a vision but we are prepared to tailor that vision to the needs of the buyer. Email me today at [email protected] and let’s make this once in a lifetime opportunity to own the very first eco-property of its kind in these Islands, yours.

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