This Uniquely Angular Home in Tokyo Is Designed to Save Space

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Design firm A.L.X. was established in 1999 by Japanese architect Junichi Sampei. Since its launch, the firm has won numerous awards and put on multiple exhibitions. They’ve also designed a number of unique structures, including “HOUSE TOKYO.”

Completed in 2010, this home located in Tokyo features about 850 square feet of living space, due to its unique design. “The odd-shaped angles that conjoin the walls were created to maximize the available square footage in compliance with Japanese planning laws,” according to Hypebeast. Its abstract look, along with its usage of plenty of white coloring, was inspired by the streets of Tokyo.

Tokyo 9

The private, three-story residential space is made from reinforced concrete, surrounded by perforated metal screens that allow lots of sunlight to flow in, and features glass partitions, white steel detailing, and a spiral staircase that connects the multiple levels.

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