This Really Tiny Camper Is a Work Space, Bedroom, and Lounging Area

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Drake once rapped, “my office is my tour bus,” indicating that the multi-platinum rapper gets his work done where he lives during his, at times, hectic touring schedule. Now this luxury isn’t only exclusive to international superstars.
Dojo 2
Award-winning design firm, FIVE AM, created a camper where one can live, work, and chill. It’s called “#dojowheels” and its interior features a flat surface that can adapt to the needs of whoever is inside by acting as a bed, couch, or table.
According to Belgium-based FIVE AM, #dojowheels is a “mobile training facility or dojo” that is the “perfect reflection of our vision on working (together).”
dojo 5
While focusing on keeping things simple, FIVE AM specializes in designing interiors and temporary installations as well as in product design.

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