Tech Startup Helps New Yorkers Save Money And Stress In Rental Apartment Hunt

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Finding the perfect apartment in the bustling real estate market of New York can pause an array of challenges. In some of the most coveted zip codes of the Big Apple, rent can swell to up to $5,000 – among the highest in the country. But before tenants can even start paying their monthly dues, they often find themselves spending thousands in agent fees or, worse, get enthralled by a place that is falsely advertised.

A new startup company, however, provides a financial and emotional salve that is also upending the rental real estate market in Manhattan. Loftey has assembled a team of brokers that assists clients with their apartment hunt, making the transition quicker and cheaper. Founded by Ori Goldman, the technology-based firm collaborates directly with landlords – a novel approach that allows it to waive any relocation and broker fees on its customers. Focused on serving millennials who take to the internet to find their new homes, Loftey also helps them weed out fake rental listings on popular websites. What is even more astounding, Loftey is able to negotiate lower rent prices or provide free-of-charge moving services.

Although Loftey’s business model might sound as mission impossible, Goldman says his company is the Amazon for real estate, which relies on satisfied clients and word-of-mouth recommendations to grow. And, it is working.

“Our proprietary technology drives us to be the most efficient real estate firm around and those benefits get passed down to our clients in the form of financial savings,” the company boasts.

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