Step Inside the Most Expensive Home in New Hampshire

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Surprisingly, the most expensive home on the market in New Hampshire is really three homes in one.

The luxury property sits on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee and stretches for a massive 16.5 acres. The home is owned by the family of Bob Bahre, the founders of the New Hampshire International Speedway, who sold their stake in the company for $340 million in 2008.

According to The Real Deal, the property is comprised of two main homes, one for Bob and his wife Sandy and another for their son, Gary. The two houses total to more than 63,000 square feet. The third structure on the property is an “entertaining barn,” where the family has hosted guests, most notably Nascar drivers before big races. Gary also hosts well-known economists during a yearly summit held at the property.


The land where the homes sits was purchased by the Bahre family in the ’90s. The family spent roughly five years custom building the home’s various structures.

Speaking to Business Insider, Gary Bahre talked about the process of building up the property. “At that time, my parents and I owned the speedway in Loudon, New Hampshire, and we were really active in the business there. That’s why we wanted to buy a space nearby in the first place,” he said. “My parents were hopeful that I would have a family of my own, so they pushed me to build my own home. But my house requires more animation than a 53-year-old bachelor could give it.”

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The two houses sit on the edge of the 28-mile Lake Winnipesaukee in Alton, New Hampshire, and comprises 12 bedrooms and 26 bathrooms. Interestingly enough, Gary’s home on the property is a near-exact replica of a house belonging to S. Prestley Blake, the founder of the restaurant chain Friendly’s. Gary’s grandfather used to live near Blake, and Gary fell in love with the house and strove to re-create it for himself.“I was just nuts for it. This house is almost identical, except I reconfigured the garage. He [Blake] was flattered that we appreciated it,” Gary said.

Bob and Sarah’s house, on the other hand, is styled much more traditionally. It emphasizes symmetrical designs and features more bedrooms than Gary’s. The entrance of the house has more dramatic flair, while its various living spaces are more dramatic.


“It’s kind of odd to think that I was fortunate enough to live in what’s considered the most valuable house in the state,” Gary said. “My mom and dad gave me a lot of opportunities, and I’m grateful for that.”

Kristin Claire of LandVest and Christie’s International Real Estate represents the listing.

Images courtesy of Christie’s International Real Estate
Photo Credit: Deb Porter-Hayes

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