Robert Stadler Evokes Ruins and Construction at Paris Exhibition

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Austrian furniture designer Robert Stadler has provided 10 pieces inspired by architectural ruins and construction processes for a new show at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris.


Entitled “Airspace,” the exhibition showcases pieces from two collections: three works from “cut_paste”—intended to evoke a construction-site aura—and seven from “PdT,” which features works that evoke ruins.

“These are two strongly contrasting but complementary series of objects inspired by the history of architecture and the art of construction through time,” the designer told Dezeen. Stadler’s pieces are sculptural, but are designed to function simultaneously as contemporary furniture.

As its name suggests, “cut_paste” harmonizes mismatched materials like marble and aluminum honeycomb to form angular pieces like a shelf, sideboard, bench, bookcase and table. On the other hand, PdT is characterized by softer limestone pieces and is named for “pierre de taille,” a French phrase for masonry of large stones (“ashlar,” in English).

“From certain angles the spectator looks through cut_paste and the background becomes a part of the perception of the piece. The air circulates through the objects,” Stadler told Dezeen. “On the other side, the spectator’s view is blocked by the massive presence of PdT and air must flow around it.”

The exhibition will run from January 17th to April 4th at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris.

Photos and details courtesy of Dezeen

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