Reiko Lewis Talks Radiant Orchid and New Trends for 2014

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How would you use Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014, Radiant Orchid, in a living space?

This year’s 2014 “color of the year” is a bold and beautiful choice, evoking the natural glory of nature with enchanting purple, pink and fuchsia undertones. To me, Royal Orchid evokes a sense of power and vitality and has a mysterious, almost magical, quality.

While many think this fashion-forward hue is reserved for the clothes you wear, you can help this color bloom in your own home by mixing it with accent pieces such as area rugs or throw pillows. Adding in other pillows or throws in a soft yellow, cream or grey shades and you instantly bring a pop of radiance to any room. If you like to keep your home seasonal, Radiant Orchid pairs well with neutral tones like metallics and white in the spring and with warmer, deeper hues, like other shades of purple, in the winter or fall.

Looking to change out your curtains in the new year? A light, gauzy orchid-toned drape can add just the right spark of romance to the bedroom or other living areas! (P.S. Window sheers are another big trend this year so ditch the heavy drapes for something which lets lovely natural light)

What’s one cool new trend you predict for 2014?

There are so many great trends in the pipe for 2014 but I think one that I’ve seen happening across the country is the removal of the big master bathroom tub. This has happened for a number of reasons – space being at the top – with the ease and fluidity of a spa-like shower experience taking its place.

These walk-in showers are incorporating rain domes and sliding hand-held showerheads. Seats or a short ledge, which provide a natural place to place their leg while shaving, are also increasingly popular among women.

But for families with young children, I might recommend waiting on this project – at least for a few years.


If you had an unlimited budget, what is the first change you would make to your own home or personal space?

With an unlimited budget, I usually recommend clients improve areas of the home that will give them the greatest return on their investments. But for instant gratification, I think most women out there share my dream renovation – a new walk-in closet! If you’re going to make your dream room a reality in 2014 here are some quick tips to consider for designing your own walk-in or updating the one you already have:

· An area meant to be vain – Invest the space in a vanity area where you can put out your jewelry and perfume bottles. This helps lay things out in a way that can be easily accessed and which allows you to take stock of what you have (so you never forget that gorgeous necklace you have now lying at the bottom of a drawer).

· Light it up – I know interior designers say it a lot, but it’s so true. Lighting is incredibly important and never more so than in a dressing room! Proper lighting ensures that you see clearly what you are wearing and how you look (proper make up and fit). In my experience most bathrooms – even hotel bathrooms – do not have proper lighting.

· Mirror, mirror on the wall – It seems so obvious it goes without saying but sometimes people can’t see what is right in front of them, literally. Make sure to install a full-length mirror to see how everything comes together from your chandelier earrings down to your Jimmy Choo’s. Some might even consider installing wing mirrors to opposing mirrors so you can see yourself from all angles.

· Spice it up – A walk-in closet is actually a room, which means it should have a personality all its own. Pretty it up with wall decorations, flowers or a piece of art that makes the area cozy and personal to you.

What is the most difficult type of client to work with? What is your best advice for dealing with this type of client?

One of the best parts of being a consultant is that you learn so much from everyone you come into contact with. Everyone has different points of views and experiences, and at times – very differing opinions.

I believe that one of my key roles as a project manager is to bring everyone’s ideas together in a collaborative setting to create a home or project that our client is happy with. At the end of the day our client’s aesthetic and personality should be the main element of the design project and I judge our success on how happy they are with the outcome.

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