Nick Damianos Reveals How He Keeps Clients Well Informed

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Real estate agents are expected to be absolute experts on their respective regions. What steps do you take in order to ensure you know positively all that you need to in order to keep your clients well informed?

I was born and raised in the Bahamas and my family has been in the real estate business for 70 years. Much of my knowledge base was gained at an early age; as a teenager, I worked summers for my father and grandfather in the brokerage office. I of course continue to take accredited professional education courses pertaining to both real estate and construction. However, the real key to having the type of knowledge that will really benefit my clients is staying active and immersed in the communities in which I work. I specialize in selling properties in the high-end gated communities like Lyford Cay, Old Fort Bay and Ocean Club Estates. I live inLyford Cay and have memberships at all three country clubs. This allows me to interact with the residents of those communities and always have a firm sense of what is happening in those markets.

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