Popular Amenities, Home Renovations, and Shopping for a Winter Home in McCall, Idaho

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What are the most popular property amenities that homebuyers look for in a home?

In McCall, hands down, it’s our outdoor spaces and how they add to the quality of life. A favorite among residents are the outdoor patios that feature these amazing fire pits, which offer a great space for families to gather after a day on the links, hiking the trails, or an afternoon out on the lake.

Does that differ when shopping for a winter home? How?

Outdoor space is still very important in the winter, but for different reasons. The fire pit is very cool, keeping you toasty as the warm glow cuts through the falling snow. During the winter season, our buyers are also interested in amenities like our three-car garages, for proper storage of snowmobiles, sleds, and skis. A great mudroom is a fantastic addition to any home for its personality and functionality. Coming in from the outdoors, a mudroom is the ideal place to just drop off the gear and peel off your clothes before hopping into a hot shower.

How willing are homebuyers to renovate a home so that it incorporates a certain feature they are looking for?

Our buyers are all basically looking for new homes or come to us wanting to build their dream home. Whitetail Club is an 11-year-old community and has invested substantial time and resources into building the most incredible properties, giving buyers plenty of options to customize to their taste, making renovations unnecessary.

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Joe Carter is the exclusive agent representing the McCall, Idaho, real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of his listings here.

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