Pia Frei Talks Company Goals and Best Times to List

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When is the best time to list a home and why?

The best time is when you have really made your decision to sell your property. And the best way to do it is to chose the right market price. It is not a good strategy to put your house on the market with a dream price and wait for your dream buyer. He will not come. Rather, your property will be on the market for a long time and you will be forced to lower your price several times, which “burns” the reputation of your property and will at the end lead even to a price under market. We always have buyers looking for quality properties. There is no best time, just a best strategy.

What are you/your company’s goals for the New Year?

To continue our effort to become the best agency on the Peninsula of Saint Tropez. This means we will continue to give our clients access to all properties on the market, to be client-focused with all our activities, to be highly professional during all steps of the transaction and even afterwards with a specific after-sales service.

How will they set you apart from the competition?

We are a team of five multi-cultural agents. Because most of us have lived in different parts of the world, we do not just understand several languages, but we also have a mutual understanding of the different cultural requirements of our international buyers. We are hard-working, proactive and professional, and we always try to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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