NBA Baller Rajon Rondo Lowers Asking Price for Massachusetts Home

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Normally, Rajon Rondo can dish off an assist to a teammate with ease, but so far, passing his Lincoln, Massachusetts, home off to the next buyer hasn’t been so easy.


The four-time NBA all-star–and at one time, top-tier point guard in the league–has had his former home on the market for several months now. Initially listed at $2.45 million, the property’s price has since been reduced to $1.99 million.

Rondo 2

The gated 1.5 acres of property purchased by Rondo in 2008, boasts a home theater, a game room, a dining room, a library, limestone flooring, and vaulted ceilings, as well as five bedrooms and at least five full bathrooms. The house also overlooks a nearby reservoir.

Rondo 3

Rondo, who’s currently a member of the Sacramento Kings, spent almost a decade at his former home. Drafted by the Boston Celtics in 2006, he played with the championship-winning team until last season.

Photos courtesy of Boston Globe

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