Michael Jackson’s Las Vegas ‘Thriller Villa’ Is on the Market

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To many fans, Michael Jackson is the reigning King of Pop, and this Las Vegas mansion he rented for several years that housed him and his children was fit for royalty.

The mega-mansion, which first hit the market a few years ago and was accompanied by a $19.5 million price tag, was rented by the “Thriller” singer until his untimely passing in 2009. Nicknamed the “Thriller Villa,” the now $9.5 million estate includes a 24,276-square-foot main house, a 2,983-square-foot guest house, and a chapel with a painted sky roof and seating for 70 people.

There are seven bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, as well as stunning furnishings and wooden paneling found throughout the 1.7-acre property. The full-floor master bedroom comes with both a wet bar and a fireplace. The basement, which is accessible via an outdoor tunnel, features a private art gallery and hidden vault. A plush salon, courtyard with a fountain, and generous outdoor space can also be found throughout the lavish property. Housing paintings of MJ and replicas of art pieces that were found at his “Neverland Ranch,” which is also on the market for $100 million, the Thriller Villa is said to be a tribute to the Moon Walker.

Reportedly, this Vegas mansion is a place that the very private Jackson relied on when wanting to keep his children out of the lime-light. It was originally constructed in Mexico sometime during the 1950s, and then transported piece-by-piece to where it currently resides.


Images courtesy of The Mirror

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