Wendy Carroll

[Malibu, California]

23410 Civic Center Way E4A, Malibu, CA 90265


[email protected]



Wendy Carroll specializes in beachfront properties and residential luxury homes from Beverly Hills to Malibu. She is a businesswoman who thrives under pressure, and has the ability to negotiate tough deals not only with buyers and sellers, but also attorneys and business managers who watch over their clients’ investments. She is fun, pleasant, creative in her approach to marketing and sales, and clients trust she can fulfill their needs.

Throughout her 20-plus year career, Carroll’s sales have exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars, including private and confidential sales, as well as luxury high-end rentals. She is an innovative thinker, always staying one step ahead of the trends in architectural and interior design.

Growing up, “My dad was a coach, and my mother was a real estate developer, so I have the best of both to work with,” says Carroll, an avid tennis player who grew up in Long Island, New York, and currently lives in Malibu. “I want to be a role model for women, and to show them that if they believe in themselves and stick to this business, they can be financially independent.”

Carroll is in the process of setting up a charity to help cure multiple sclerosis.