Michael Travis

[Lake Winnipesaukee, Lakes Region, New Hampshire]

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As a real estate agent, Michael Travis has marketed and sold properties on more different bodies of water than any agent covering the entire state of New Hampshire. He has lived on or near water his entire life. His family even owned a private island nine miles by boat and 28 miles by car to the nearest town, called Little Current—and that was an overstatement. Travis understands and appreciates the emotions and fond memories attached to such special places.

Prior to real estate, he was an art director, writer, photographer, and designer for 35 years in advertising in New York City and Boston. He has expanded his talent for marketing properties with drone aerial imaging, videos, electronic and printed brochures, social media, and so much more.

Moving to Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, has proven to be a healthy choice in every aspect of Travis’ life. New Hampshire is considered the healthiest state, best place to raise a family, most educated with the highest SAT scores, safest state, most livable state, and one of the wealthiest states. It is within hours of eight of the top 10 prep schools and within a days drive to every Ivy League school. New Hampshire is also ranked in having the third highest number of second homes and has proven to be financially advantageous as well––the accolades are surprising. Having lived in Manhattan, Connecticut, and Boston, Travis saw most of his income going toward keeping a roof over his head, taxes, and insurance. In New Hampshire, those costs were cut in half.

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