Marcy Braun
Marcy Braun bw

[Bridgehampton, New York]

20 Main St, Southampton, NY 11968

631-287-9260 x4305


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Since the 1980s, Marcy Braun has pounded the pavement in New York City, and has been coined by clients and co-workers as “the power broker” for her exceptional representation of both buyers and sellers. Consistently one of their top agents, she has been with Nest Seekers since they expanded to the Hamptons in 2011. She knows current and upcoming inventory so well that there’s rarely a property someone mentions that she’s not familiar with. She’s truly remarkable at finding people the perfect home that aligns with their individual needs and desires.

Marcy explains: “Everyone has a different motivation when it comes to buying or selling a home. The key is to listen and to understand each person you are working with so that he or she ends up happy.” Currently developing many properties for personal use and investment, she intimately understands the impact of the decision to buy or sell a home — “It’s life changing,” she adds.

With a tremendous referral network that has grown exponentially, Marcy makes herself available by building a lifestyle that she “won’t need a vacation” from. This includes taking time each day to do what makes her happy like spinning, rowing, and walking for miles by the Beach. She is also widely known for her homemade Bread and Strawberry Jam, which her clients and customers look forward to as well.

Marcy is fueled each day by the motto she strives to live by, “How you do anything, is how you do everything.” It’s that simple!