Jermain Miller
Jermain Miller black and white

[Long Island City, New York]

35-11 36th Street, 3rd fl, Long Island City, NY 11106


[email protected]

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With just 93 cents to his name and homeless but full of sheer determination, Jermain Miller has carved his way to being one of the top real estate professionals in New York City. After 10 years of successfully working for major real estate firms, in 2015 Jermain ventured off on his own and founded MiLL RE, which stands for MiLL Real Estate. In two short years, MiLL RE has opened three boutique real estate offices – one in Astoria Queens, Long Island City, Queens and Staten Island, NY which is slated to open July 1st. MiLL RE specializes in the luxury condo market, townhomes, rental, commercial sales and development.