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About Carol Dotson

Carol’s clientele has grown exponentially to include buyers and sellers from Indonesia, Brazil, Singapore, China, UK, Australia, Israel and Russia. Her focus on high end luxury home investors has made her an expert in finding homes that are not only one of a kind, architectural showpieces, but are also financially lucrative short term investments for the future.

She knows that success in today’s real estate market requires an empathetic understanding to the needs of her clients, extensive research and expertise on the neighborhoods throughout Montecito, Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills and BelAir in order to better guide her clients in fulfilling those needs, and whether her clients are buying or selling, a comprehensive knowledge of the financial market and how it impacts the real estate market in order to negotiate the best contract possible.

Carol’s belief in what it takes to stay number one in the real estate industry is simple:

-A belief in clear and honest communication with her clients.

-The need to be connected into the communities that her clients are a part of, whether it’s the film industry, property investment, or families in order to have a understanding about what areas are better suited for their client’s needs and how the real estate market in those areas is evolving and changing.

-An entrepreneurial mindset to think outside of the box when finding the right home for her clients and negotiating the deal that will fit their wants and requirements.

-In sales, Carol is one of the top Agents in Southern California and in the top 1% nationwide.

Carol has never been one to shy away from any challenge, whether it’s launching a multi-million dollar cable network, or in just 6 short years, becoming one of Prudential California Realty’s top grossing agents. Carol’s entrepreneurial background combined with her years of experience negotiating multi-million dollar contracts with fortune 500 companies, bringing years of networking, sales and marketing experience that benefit her real estate clients. Carol generated over $24 million in advertising revenue annually and was in the top ten percent of advertising sales executives nationwide. Today, she is very happy to call The Agency her home. The Agency’s resources combined with Carol’s real estate savvy makes her the perfect choice for all of your Realtor needs.

Carol’s continuous research of the real estate market in Montecito has kept her on the forefront of this competitive market and gives her clients the upper hand when it comes to marketing and selling their properties.

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