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About Brett A. Miles / Susan J. Green

Brett A. Miles
Brett Miles has an innate gift for connecting with people, understanding their needs and delivering results that exceed expectations. Formerly part of the renowned Maitland-Price real estate team who were integral in the creation of Town Real Estate, he continues to represent some of Manhattan’s finest properties and guides buyers through the important and intricate process of evaluating and purchasing a home.

Currently partnering with Senior Vice President Susan Green, Brett provides unparalleled service to every client who calls upon his expertise. Since their partnership they have consistently been names one of the top brokerage teams in New York City, breaking the record for highest price per square foot for a non penthouse downtown condominium. Brett’s dedication and esteemed market knowledge have earned him a respected reputation as an accomplished broker in luxury condominium, co-op and townhouse sales throughout Manhattan. His milestones of major transactions have included everything from selling out entire buildings to multi-million-dollar penthouses and townhouses.

Brett is the consummate real estate professional whose service philosophy relies on attentiveness to each client’s requirements, insightfulness into the best solutions and thorough follow-through in every step of the transaction. These qualities were initially well honed while working in hospitality alongside famed San Francisco and New York restaurant greats Daniel Boulud and Drew Nieporent.

With his deep admiration for design, food and entertaining, Brett is a natural at identifying a client’s “dream home” and matching the functionality of a space to their lifestyle. A native Californian who has lived in Chelsea since 2002, he studied Business at California State University-Stanislaus and previously worked as a trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine to develop comprehensive personal health and nutrition plans for Equinox members in Greenwich Village. In spare time, Brett enjoys preparing great repasts and choosing fine wines for friends and family.

Susan J. Green
The goal of an exceptional real estate broker is that every client should be a client for life. This is the philosophy that Susan Green works and lives by, which has garnered her success and universal respect in the industry.

Susan Green is uniquely qualified as a broker. She graduated from the Tulane University Business School with a Bachelor of Science in Management. After graduation Susan began a career on Wall Street as a corporate bond broker. The pace was very fast and it was imperative that she understood every nuance that buyers and sellers expressed. Sometimes a great broker must even interpret silence. She has found that her Wall Street skills meshed very well with the pace of the New York City real estate world. Susan is both a dedicated service provider and a sharp negotiator who knows how to care for customers as well as how to close deals.

Susan has been a New York City broker for some years. She has had extensive experience and pronounced success in all aspects of real estate. She has representing buyers, sellers, renters as well as high end new development such as One Madison Park, 33 Vestry and 1355 First Avenue at the top firms in Manhattan. Susan’s involvement in new development has been a completely immersive process. Her contribution in new development is all encompassing. She has participated in every aspect from interaction with the architects, decision making with the developers, marketing, public relations, sales and follow up with a wide network of buyers. At Town she has partnered with one of the best in the industry, Brett Miles. Together their professionalism, skill and competence is symbolic of the new excellence that Town represents. Since their partnership they have consistently been named one of the top brokerage teams in New York City, breaking the record for highest price per square foot for a non-penthouse downtown condominium.

Originally from Westchester Susan relocated to the Upper West Side of Manhattan after college. Soon after Susan moved Downtown and has lived in the West Village for over 20 years with her husband and two children.

While continually focused on work Susan also gives to her community. Susan has displayed her generosity with philanthropic organizations through both involvement and giving. These organizations include City Harvest, American Cancer Society, Suicide Prevention, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Housing Works, Friends of the Highline, Greenwich Village Historical Society, The Packer Collegiate Institute and Village Community School.

Finally, why Town? Susan feels quite strongly that a new paradigm is essential. She feels that a firm that always puts the customer first is particularly relevant. The concept of joining a firm at its inception and being able to offer her input is very compelling. Town has assembled a team of exceptional brokers and employees. People who understand people are a great asset. Susan was drawn to Town for its fresh dynamic vision. Town’s philosophy enticed Susan and she feels very fortunate to be a charter member.

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