Andrew Cummings


306 Bay Square 6, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE, PO Box 125597

+971 4 240 6211

+971 56 122 4229


Andrew Cummings is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of, which markets over $6 billion of on- and off-market real estate assets in Dubai and across the world.

Andrew represents the most exclusive and high-profile properties in Dubai, specializing in areas such as Emirates Hills (the Beverly Hills of Dubai), the Palm Jumeirah where he markets the exclusive tip villas on the ends of the fronds and Downtown, where exclusive penthouses, such as the $30-million 107th floor of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

First and foremost, Andrew considers himself a trusted advisor and partner to his clients, who range from local business magnates to international high net worth individuals. He doesn’t just sell property, he curates an entire lifestyle that will best appeal to those who avail of his advisory services, whether they are looking for a family home or just a vacation getaway for a few months out of the year.

A previous background in consulting means he prides himself on a solid data-driven approach and is an in-depth student of both local and international markets. Combining that finely honed knowledge with ready access to some of the finest properties on the market and some very exclusive off-market properties, Andrew tailors his approach to his clients’ needs and nail down the right choices for them.

Strategy is one of his key drivers when devising marketing solutions for both buyers and sellers. He is highly skilled at developing the most effective approach to marketing properties, finding the right balance of online and offline activities to reach the widest audience and to achieve the quickest sale. Andrew is also a deft negotiator, able to leverage his market expertise and secure the very best price for his clients.

Prior to moving into real estate, Andrew was a senior government official, having served as an advisor on the Middle East and North Africa to two UK Prime Ministers. Upon leaving Government, Andrew built a successful career providing Government Advisory services across the globe. Andrew’s extensive experience across MENA, Europe, Africa and North America has been put to good use since switching to real estate with’s international portfolio rapidly expanding to over a dozen countries from the US to Europe and Canada to Malaysia.

When not selling some of the finest and most exclusive properties in the world, Andrew enjoys a good round of golf (which can also double as a strategy meeting), supporting England’s rugby team, traveling and spending time with his lovely wife Sabrina.