Alex Piccirillo

[Bridgehampton, New York]

62 Park Place, East Hampton, NY 11937



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Decades ago, when Alex Piccirillo was living in Tokyo, a Japanese businessman told him something he never forgot: “When everyone’s thinking alike, no one is thinking.”

It is an adage he has lived by ever since, whether working as a teacher, a national sales representative or a builder of commercial offices and residential homes. But never has he found it truer than since he became a broker in the upmarket of the East End.

Indeed, it is precisely Nest Seekers originality of approach that drew him to the company in 2012. “I looked at Nest Seekers the same way I would an investment property,” he says. “Did Nest Seekers have strong growth potential? Were there underlying factors in place to support that growth and enable the company to quickly take its place among the older, more established players? Reaching today’s luxury home buyer requires mastery of global platforms, social networks, media apps, sites, and tools, as well as creativity and flexibility of approach, and I could see that Nest Seekers youthful boldness would enable me to do what I do best.”

By then, Alex had lived and worked on the East End for more than 30 years, and his experience as a builder gave him rare insight both into the extraordinary – yet dizzying – array of possibilities afforded prospective buyers, and in how to meet their needs. One of his earliest customers, for instance, was looking for the perfect waterfront home that would, recalls Alex, be both “traditional, ultra-modern, and large enough to lavishly entertain yet still provide a sense of intimacy.” Alex had the perfect fit: an Andrew Geller-styled beach home, featuring vertical cedar siding, trapezoidal windows and irregular rooflines.

“I love every aspect of the business,” he says, “from design and the many aspects of the construction process, to marketing and the intricacies of contracts and zoning codes. But I suppose, at heart, I’m a people person, and this is above all a people business. Nest Seekers provides me not only with the flexibility to build homes for long-time clients but to continually build and expand relationships with new generations of investors.