Making It Rain In The Desert: Opulent Residential Real Estate In Vegas And Dubai

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This is a tale of two cities: Las Vegas and Dubai.

Two desert cities half a world apart. Both have emerged from tumbleweed outposts into worldly empires.

And so their story continues . . . it is, indeed, the best of times; it is the season of Light; it is the spring of hope. Each of these two cities has everything, being best described in the superlative degree of comparison only. Over-the-top. Colossal. Herculean. Sound a bit familiar? Whether it does or not, you’ll want to take this journey into Vegas royalty and witness for yourself what the land of excess, glitz and glamour really means nowadays. Your eyes simply won’t believe it.

The Game Made Only In Las Vegas

All the action that any high roller would want to experience is on the Las Vegas Strip. Casinos, cuisine, couture and, of course, The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas. The Cosmopolitan is the ideal Las Vegas residence/resort tower that will expand your definition of what it means to live in lavish luxury. Later this year, renovations to The Cosmopolitan will be completed that will undoubtedly upgrade this casino-royale residence far, far beyond its well established first-class, exclusive status.

Being a proprietor of one of The Cosmopolitan’s ultra deluxe condo units is truly a luxury in its own right. Only 17 condos in The Cosmopolitan were ever allowed to be sold to private owners. Each condo features floor-to-ceiling windows so that you can admire the nightly views of the Las Vegas Strip lit up in its luminescent opulence.

Making It Rain In Vegas: Residential Real Estate That Reflects Winning Streak Opulence


But the crème de la crème of The Cosmopolitan are the penthouse suites that aren’t just unlisted—they’re by invitation only. These palatial suites range in size from 2,000 to 5,000 square feet and occupy the top four floors of the tower. Each boasts skyline views, soaring ceilings, notable artwork, and hyper-amenities, the most exclusive of which is access to the resort’s new private gaming salon, The Reserve. To enter The Reserve, you need only a $1 million minimum buy-in. Small change for Vegas nobility.

The Cosmopolitan also brags a legendary high-stakes gaming area, The Talon Club, as well as a hyper-developed prime sports watching and wagering hot spot – aptly called the Race & Sports Book – complete with video walls, mobile wagering and video poker machines.

Making It Rain In Vegas: Residential Real Estate That Reflects Winning Streak Opulence


Penthouse suites are flooded with natural light and entertain a mid-century modern design with accents of warm gold and furry fabrics. These swanky suites also exude a Rat Pack club vibe: full bar stocked with top-shelf liquor and a humidor stocked with cigars. Sinatra and the guys would surely be lounging around, smoking Mayan Sicars and flirting with Rose, The Cosmopolitan’s witty virtual concierge.

You can text Rose to opt into her services, which range from ordering room service, to acquiring more towels, to securing recommendations and reservations for dining and drinking, as well as shopping. And if you’re looking for an adventure, Rose can take you on a cultivated art tour or even play mischievous games such as Kiss, Marry, Diss.

As you would expect, what happens with Rose, stays only with Rose.

A Hand At Cards In Dubai

Dubai is the Vegas of the East.

And Dubai’s leading architects are in the process of building a first-in-kind, ultra-luxury urban residential/hotel resort. Set to open later this year, the Dubai Rosemont Hotel and Residences will boast over 2 million square feet of hotel, residential, and leisure space: two twin towers, each 53-stories high, set against the dynamic backdrop of an ever-evolving Dubai skyline that reflects the city’s contemporary, cool and colorful vibe.

Making It Rain In Vegas: Residential Real Estate That Reflects Winning Streak Opulence


It’s been said that the resort’s evocative design was inspired by reflection, light and texture.

And it’s also been said that this paradise is expected to transport guests into nature’s most exotic, alluring and cosmic of destinations. The resort is set to not only feature a private lush, tropical rainforest for guests and residents, there also will be robot bellhops, a full-size bowling alley and a glass-bottom sky pool, suspended above the streets of Dubai and expected to light up with its own stars at night. Twinkle, twinkle, not-so-little star, up above Dubai so high, like a diamond in the sky.

Making It Rain In Vegas: Residential Real Estate That Reflects Winning Streak Opulence


It’s also anticipated that there will be tree-level walkways and a sensory rain system for the rainforest, designed to simulate the actual rain forest, without the actual rain. Imagine hearing the sounds of wildlife, seeing the shifting sunlight and the emergence of night shadows without experiencing any danger. Or wet rain. Or snakes. It’s all going to materialize later this year.

Making It Rain In Vegas: Residential Real Estate That Reflects Winning Streak Opulence


Usually, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. However, you might be hard-pressed to remain silent after you experience The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas or the Rosemont Hotel and Residences in Dubai. But rules are meant to be broken, right?

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Top Image is courtesy of Kieferle & Partner is one of the leading architectural and interior design firms in Europe and Dubai.

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