Lori Carroll Reveals the Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

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Lori Carroll

What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer?

A lot of clients are quite creative; however, hiring a professional interior designer has many advantages. A professionally accredited designer has the expertise and knowledge to create a total design strategy, no matter how large or small the project. Hiring a designer alleviates the chances of making mistakes with uninformed and impulse decisions. Credulous choices could affect the outcome of a current project and any future design plans.

Another benefit of hiring a professional designer [revolves around the fact that] we are always searching for new, innovative products to present to our clients. With access to literally thousands of suppliers and artisans which may not be available to the general public, a successful designer has the ability to quickly and efficiently research and acquire materials that are perfect for a particular project. Also, designers are required to attend continuing education classes, keeping us up-to-date on the latest products, technologies, styles, and trends. There are so many options available in today’s market, that designers can cull through the endless possibilities and prepare a comprehensive design plan to fit any individual or lifestyle.

Of course, in interior design, proportion and scale do matter. Having an interior designer carefully plan out every detail of a project means nothing is overlooked, maximizing the comfort, beauty and appeal of each space. Designers are also great facilitators, [establishing] a crucial connection between the client, architect and builder. Interior designers essentially think differently; they are innately able to see the overall picture. A skilled designer will help clients express themselves in the most creative way possible. The personality of my interior design business is based on my ability to connect with people on a personal level. While my qualifications and experience are well known, it’s not until I actually meet people, share commonalities, and get to know them as individuals that they feel comfortable moving forward on a project.


Hypothetically, if one of your clients was immensely dissatisfied with a project’s end result (even though your design met his or her needs and desires to a tee), what would be your approach to quelling his or her discontent?

My philosophy has always been to provide a level of design and service that reaches beyond the average. I want a client’s journey to be enjoyable and have them be thrilled to say, “Lori Carroll was my interior designer.” However, if I did have a client that was immensely dissatisfied with a project’s end result, I would definitely approach the issue as expeditiously as possible. Communication would be the key to diffusing the situation. Expressing genuine concern for the client’s issues and reassuring them that I will do everything possible to ensure his or her satisfaction can transform a disgruntled person into a customer for life. Integrity is the “soul of my brand,” and I have built a reputation around consistency, honesty, trust, and loyalty. As soon as clients realize I will be around, even after the sale, conflicts like this are kept to a minimum.

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