Lee Design Talks Design Resolutions and Favorite Brands

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If you could pick 3 (belated) New Year’s design resolutions to make for 2014, what would they be? Why?

My three belated design resolutions can be summed up in three words listen, learn, and live!

Listen because a good designer has to listen to their clients wishes to create the best design and to create an environment that the client so chooses. That may mean creating a pink room, but it is up to us as designers to use our expertise to make our clients dreams a reality.

Learning is important because in this industry you can never stop learning. There are always new technologies and methods to discover.

Live, because every day brings a new meaning to life and an opportunity to express ourselves creatively and bring happiness to all of our clients.

Name your favorite furniture and décor brands to work with. What makes them so special? 

Right now our favorite furniture brand is the Phillips Collection. They are willing to bend the rules a bit and create something out of the ordinary!

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