Korea’s Yoon Space Design Hatches Futuristic Egg-Shaped Beach Pods

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“Albang”—realized by Korean firm Yoon Space Design—was inspired by the team’s desire to create a community of pods to provide shelter and relaxation on the busy beach.

Located in Gangwon-do province on South Korea‘s coastline, the colorful beach dwellings blend the functionality of pod hotels, with the efficiency of simple camping tents.

yoon space design's egg-shaped beach pod

The eight eggs of Albang feature colorful hydraulic doors which differentiate one from the next while creating a port of entry to the mobile hut. The interior—measuring approximately 20 square feet—is comprised of colorful floors accenting white walls, and there are two porthole windows allowing for peaceful views. There is just enough room for sleeping, but not enough space to stand.

Yoon Space Design's egg-shaped beach pod

The team at Yoon Space Design used environmentally-conscious materials on the hand-assembled pods. The structures’ skin is constructed of expanded polystyrene, which provides insulation and waterproofing, fireproofing, and seismic protection, while serving to also trap hear through its natural convection process.

Yoon Space Design's egg-shaped beach pod Sketch

Yoon Space Design intends to expand the pod into further exotic locations to provide refuge for travels in unexpected places, and the company has patented the design with the intention to produce more pods for use beyond the project’s current beachfront confines.

Photographs and information courtesy of Arch Daily

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