Josh and Matthew Altman Talk About High-Tech Trends and New Home Technologies

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We sell some of the best properties in the world, and smart homes are a huge trend in the housing market right now. Everyone wants the latest technology to make their house that much more luxurious.

Some of the most popular features right now include phone- or tablet-controlled lighting, doors, windows, locks, thermostats, sound systems, and even appliances. From any location in the world, homeowners can control their house with just a few taps on a phone. What’s even better is that many of these systems can even learn preferences and apply them automatically without any action on the homeowner’s part. They can recognize when a resident is or isn’t home and adjust accordingly.

One of the newest technologies that we believe will be trending this upcoming year is voice activation. If you want to turn on the lights, turn up the music, or change the thermostat, all you have to do is ask. It’s completely hands free and very cool.

While this kind of technology used to be considered a perk, it’s now a must-have, especially for new construction and renovated properties that want to command top dollar. A big part of selling homes in the luxury market is also selling a lifestyle, and a high-tech, automated home is the perfect complement to a sleek, modern property.

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