Jordan Gounov Talks Social Media and Market Developments

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jordan gounov

Tell us about any new developments or business establishments in your market that you think might help attract potential buyers.

In UAE and more specifically Dubai there are a few new areas with great potential for investment Culture Village; Pacific Village & Living Legends. Present prices are 15% under market. Expected appreciation within 12 months is approximately 35%. These are unique for the UAE projects and very different from all that we’ve seen until now!

Name the top two online or social media outlets you use most frequently when a new property becomes active. How do you use these sites to your advantage when advertising your listing? & These are the most useful sites (after to locate the right property for both investors & end users in Dubai.

With springtime now approaching, are there certain properties you expect to get more attention than others? How can sellers make their properties more marketable in the spring?

The season is irrelevant for property market in Dubai area.  Investors should keep in mind the fact that Dubai not only recovered from the market crash in only 3 years time but has seen an increase in prices of 52% for the period of 2012 – 2014.

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