Is Your Decorator’s Vision in Line With Your Personal Style?

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Thinking of doing a complete home renovation? Perhaps you want to freshen up one area or a specific room. Do you lean towards a bold and bright statement or prefer subtle sophistication? Is your space contemporary classic or modern? If you are striving for that stunning setting with the help of an interior designer, it is key that the professional you retain shares your style sensibilities and individuality. To do so, you have to truly know yourself and soul search for the answers of who you are, how you live, and what you want your living space to say about you.

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It’s easy to pick a design consultant based on reputation or one who fits within your budget, but to avoid “buyer’s remorse,” one must not get wrapped up in the hype. For example, imagine that you have the good fortune to move into the stunningly celestial Zaha Hadid-designed building recently opened in the Chelsea district of Manhattan. The first two completed units “preserve the futuristic feel of the condo’s spaceship-like exterior, with colorful furniture and finishes that complement the building’s muted interiors,” as described by The Real Deal. But what if that is not your aesthetic? The incredible designers who decorated these spaces, Jennifer Post and West Chin, are accomplished and sought-after visionaries. However, if you desire something less post-modern, warmer, and cozier, should you call them for a consultation? Perhaps, or perhaps not.

Luxury Attaché

At Luxury Attaché, the nation’s concierge service of choice for luxury properties, the staff takes great pride in getting to know the residents of their respective buildings personally. Our clients’ preferences are considered whenever introducing them to a preferred partner who will meet their personal needs and exceed their expectations. The Lead Attachés who are design enthusiasts suggest a few considerations when choosing your next interior expert to create the home of your dreams.

1. Know Your Style

You know what you like, and more importantly, what you don’t. Make it clear from the start with the people you’re considering. Ask a lot of questions and allow them to do the same. Make sure your dream space can easily be translated into reality.

2. Consider Credentials

We always recommend professionals who can provide proof of being licensed, bonded, and insured. This is everything for someone who should be given easy access to your home.

3. Is Money a Non-Issue?

When talking to interior design professionals, don’t hesitate to ask questions to clarify how they plan on spending your money. Set parameters early on.

4. Honesty Is Best

Be clear and honest with your likes and dislikes. Don’t be bullied into a color pallette, furnishing, or art piece that you’ll regret later.

5. Timelines

Your time is important, and you want high quality delivered in a timely fashion. Set deadlines, and make sure they are able to respect them.

Hiring an interior designer to complete the look of your home by adding innovation, style, and comfort should be a splurge that you never regret. They are there to offer guidance and reduce stress. For you, that person will be a dependable resource, trusted therapist, and if picked wisely, a valued long-term friend. Choose wisely to live beautifully.

Luxury Attaché is the concierge service of choice for industry leaders seeking an advantage in attracting clients and talent. With thoughtfully-selected, dedicated Attaches, customized marketing programs, and advanced technology, Luxury Attaché has maintained a near-perfect retention rate for over a decade.

Article by Mark Hartnett, Director of Marketing, Luxury Attaché

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