Inside Rome’s Largest Building in Over 50 Years Is a Hotel

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Rome’s newest environmentally sustainable, mixed-use complex is recognized as the city’s largest development in more than 50 years. Inside the all-glass building located in Rome’s historic district is a 441-room hotel.

At approximately 592,015 square feet, the 2016-completed New Rome-Eur Convention Centre and Hotel is comprised of three mindfully-designed elements: the “Theca”, the “Cloud,” and the “blade,” where the hotel is located, according to architectural firm Studio Fuksas.


Designed with energy conservation in mind, the complex features a climate control system for the most efficient use of energy within crowded rooms, as well as photovoltaic elements that allow for the organic production of electricity and protection from overheating.

The Theca is the steel-structured, double-glass façade in which the Cloud is suspended. Enclosed by a transparent curtain, the Cloud is an auditorium that fits 1,760 people, snack vendors, and support services. It is planned to host congress meetings and exhibitions. Conference rooms outside of the Cloud can hold up to 6,500 seats.

The building’s hotel, the “blade,” was built independently of the Theca and Cloud. Below the complex, there is a 600-space parking lot for hotel guests and event-goers.

Images courtesy of Studio Fuksas

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