Home Sweet Home – Orianne Collins

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Living a luxury lifestyle is sometimes about flying the world first-class, renting private islands and attending the most coveted events on the planet, but to me, the luxury of my very own home is certainly the most important. I love modern design with timeless lines and colors. I strongly believe that the experience of choosing a piece of furniture is very close to picking a piece of jewelry or a timepiece: it’s personal. You take your time, you fall in love and you keep it forever.

I have always admired Fendi Casa for its smart balance between modern lines and cozy touches. For the past few years, the prestigious Italian furniture company has been expanding exponentially in the US market, but had minimal presence in the Big Apple.

Last year, I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Alberto Vignatelli, CEO of Fendi Casa, at the OC CONCEPT STORE in New York. There was an instant connection between us: OC CONCEPT STORE is about rare, oneof- a-kind luxuries, and Fendi Casa beholds the very essence of luxe. It’s with much pleasure, then, that we celebrate the anniversary of Fendi Casa and OC CONCEPT STORE’s exclusive retail partnership.

655 Madison Ave
Suite #3
New York, NY

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