Granite to Cabinets: Perrie Mundy Shares Tips for Detailing a Kitchen

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When upgrading a home or remodeling completely, it’s important to select countertops and cabinetry that work cohesively together. While granite is one of the most desirable countertop choices, unlike tile, it’s easy to go wrong if you’re not careful. The trick is to pay close attention to the wood’s subtle hues and tones and pick countertops that either share those hues in common or contrast it without clashing. Below are examples of three great options for each type of cabinet color.

Colonial Cherry Finish

565 Walnut Ave, Redlands

A dark cherry finish is the most versatile color to work with when choosing a countertop. It works well with light, medium, and even very dark tones. When paired with black, it gives off a very modern and masculine feel, but when paired with lighter tones, it creates an elegant contrast.

Left: Alps White

Middle: Bordeaux Dream

Right: Black Antique



White Finish


13063 Helen Drive, Redlands

A white finish to cabinetry goes best with white, gray, or soft brown countertops. This classic, clean look makes the room look spacious and inviting.

Left: Juparana Delicatus

Middle: Jasmine White

Right: Juparana Arandis


Black Aged Finish


3748 Ridge Line Drive, San Bernardino

Because a black finish is already so dark, it works best with light to medium-light tones. The contrast creates a clean, sophisticated, and contemporary look.

Left: Alaskan White

Middle: Azurite

Right: Bohemian Gray


Select Red Oak With Natural Finish


36442 Wildwood Canyon Road, Yucaipa

Unfinished oak has its own unique beauty that comes from seeing the natural lines of the wood. It’s got a very yellowish hue to it and for this reason works best with neutrals and warm colors. The idea is to select a granite that reminds you of nature and the great outdoors. The result is a rustic kitchen that has a very homey feel to it.

Left: Yellow River

Middle: San Luiz

Right: Rosewood


Vanilla Glaze Finish


A vanilla glaze finish adds a fancy and elegant quality to cabinetry. It works best with granite, which has subtle bluish tones to it, or with multi-colored granite, which has a nice blend of vanilla mixed with nutty tones so that it does not over match.

Left: Summer Beach

Middle: Topaz Blue

Right: Tropic Brown

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