Google Offers Project Tango, A Guide to Any Interior

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Google’s newest venture (we know, there have been a bunch) involves your interior in a really cool way. Useful to designers (and those lost in massive new buildings), Project Tango works with your smartphone to map surroundings, building 3D virtual environments and helping to assist you from point A to point B.

This being said, there are hundreds of possibilities for a 3D mapping app, including measuring interior space for designers and visualizing renovations. We can’t wait to see what Google does with Project Tango!

According to Dezeen, “The Tango device works by using a motion-tracking camera and depth sensor built into a prototype Android smartphone. As the user walks around pointing the camera at what it sees, the sensors in the phone take 250,000 measurements of its surroundings every second and fuses this information into a three-dimensional map.”

Details courtesy of Dezeen, Photo courtesy of

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