Forget The Emerald City, Make Emerald Bay Where Your Road Leads

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With enough lush greenery to trick anyone into thinking it was a scene out of Wizard of Oz, this California oceanfront home seems more like the Wizard of Oz’s beach house. The westward-facing home is optimized for luxury and sunshine in all aspects, with rooms and design built to fit everything from elegant cocktail parties amongst friends to quiet rooms with a décor and design both modern and hygge inspired.


Coming in at just under $18 million from The Agency, this Laguna Beach home at 199 Emerald Bay is a jewel on the coastline, with 7,078 square feet fitting in five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a private spa, outdoor fire pit, two car garage, separate garage, and a master suite that covers nearly an entire floor of the home. Outside the residence, the home even features a private beach, six different tennis courts, a swimming pool, and activities for those of all ages. While the luxury and high end nature of the home may come with an 18-million dollar price tag, its also perfectly filled with activities to get one’s money’s worth.


It’s never been more enticing after a long week at the office to follow the Yellow Brick 405 all the way to Emerald Bay for a relaxing respite.

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