Fengtional Designers Talks Trends, Design Process and Client Vision

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What patterns, colors and home design features are trending in 2014?

We see bold colors and combinations of ethnic prints, ikat designs, linear and organic patterns. Trending now in home design are metallic wallpapers, complementary colors and bright patterns.

What are your favorite ways to implement them in your own design process?

The Black Hat Sect Feng Shui is based on the ba-gua and how it relates to a specific aspect of ones life. Color choices for a space are selected depending on the location, element, color, shape or the life aspect we are working to enhance.

Are you seeing any design trends stem from celebrity homes? If so, which ones, and why do you think they caught on?

We are seeing celebrities asking for sustainable furnishings and organic materials. These green-friendly companies are growing and have caught on because we are becoming more aware of our environment.

What is the best way to get a sense of your client’s vision for their interior?

In order to understand a client’s vision, we listen to our client’s needs and wants. We discuss a variety of styles, show them photographs and have them collect some of their favorite looks from magazines and design books.

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