Dona Crowder Talks Popular Summer Amenities and Renovating to Sell

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What’s the most popular amenity or property feature buyers look for in a summer home?

Outdoor spaces and scenery, be it a garden, pool, vineyard, lake, mountains or a beach… recreational or meditation areas–or being in close proximity to them–are key.

If a seller was looking to renovate his or her home on a budget prior to selling, what are the top two areas in a house he or she should focus on improving? (Which two spaces—if fully renovated—could boost the seller’s asking price the most?)

Renovating or resurfacing the kitchen is probably the most important feature if considering adding value prior to sale. The other amenity is the master bath. Within reason and with good taste, particularly in a normal or rising market, these items should more than pay for themselves.
The other best fix-its on a tight budget without renovation are a fresh coat of paint, cleanliness, and decluttering… priceless!

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