Designs on the Year to Come: Beach Dwellings Design’s Maria Toczylowski Looks Ahead to 2013

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Following a year of great success, Maria Toczylowski and her firm Beach Dwellings Design has much to be grateful for and to look forward to.

What do you see as your firm’s greatest successes for 2012?

One of our great successes of 2012 was being chosen as the featured house for the annual Home and Health Show house tour in Avalon, NJ.  It took place in August and was a huge success.  Hundreds of guests toured the home and were very impressed with the design.  Another great success was the invitation to join the Haute Living family!

What do you see as some of the biggest opportunities in the coming year?

One of the biggest opportunities of the coming year will be helping the people who were affected by Hurricane Sandy rebuild and make their homes even better and more beautiful than they were.  Although there was so much devastation, I hope to get them to look at it as an opportunity to rebuild stronger and more customized to their way of living.

What new techniques and/or technology will have the greatest impact on new design concepts for 2013?

I think the iPad continues to make my business so much easier.  To be able to present at a client’s home is such a plus.  Having access to all the Internet offers, in a portable vehicle is priceless.  I also think the continued refinement of “all environment” fabrics will impact design.  As they become more suitable for every day indoor use, it begs the question – “why use anything else?” for upholstery.

What is it that sets you and your firm apart from the rest of the field?

I think what sets our firm apart from others is our desire to know our clients and truly understand their needs and the way they live.  This leads to an original design every time.  Every detail is considered, and going the extra mile to please our clients is a must!

What are the most important questions a client should ask themselves before selecting a designer?

The most important questions a client should ask themselves before selecting a designer is – “How do I feel when we are together?” “Am I comfortable and able to truly express my desires?” “Do I trust this person to understand my taste and preferences, and make choices on my behalf if necessary?”  I think the comfort level is most important.

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