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Katie Skoloff is a nationally certified and recognized interior designer with her two studios located in downtown Greenville. Her company, In Site Designs, is a small design firm focusing on the built environment and furnishings of high end custom homes and small commercial spaces such as restaurants, boutiques, and physicians’ offices in the Carolinas and beyond. Katie strives to deliver beauty and elegance into the areas where we work, live, relax, and play; offering unique solutions to each client’s distinct needs and tastes.

Katie holds multiple awards and an AAS and BS from the New York School of Interior Design in New York City. Katie is originally from South Carolina, but she has had the opportunity to work and study in both France and Germany and she has traveled the world; hence expanding her design knowledge by visiting over 30 countries in six continents. She has been nationally published, has won multiple interdisciplinary awards, and serves as a past chairman and current member of the American Society of Interior Designers. Katie currently sits on the Greenville City Council Commission for Arts and Public Places.

Katie’s team of professional designers with In Site Designs will work to insure that you have your home, office or travel craft’s built selections and finished interior furnishings not only complete on time and in budget, but also done with exquisite taste, personally suited to your own level of style and comfort.

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