Deborah Noland Witherington, ASID Talks Increasing Home Value and Unusual Design Requests

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deborah a. noland

How can you use interior design to increase the value of your home?

Home value and the visual expertise of an interior designer rise exponentially when they go hand-in-hand.

Balance and placement of existing materials, as well as clutter-clean up are the first steps towards harmony and attractiveness to the potential buyer.  Some items that make a space too crowded must be removed to the garage or sold, if the owner really wants to sell.

One time, I went to an all designer party in someone’s home, and there was a door prize for the designer who could think of the one thing that would make the most dramatic and positive difference in that homeowner’s space. Deborah Noland Witherington was the winner of the most important answer:   Light bulb changes.

If you had nothing but sheets and cement blocks to work with, you could make an inviting space if you had the right lighting.  Please see my website, to see where the balance of light make a difference in my work and others.

What is the most unusual interior design request you’ve received in your time as an interior designer? How did you go about executing it? 

In a very tall two-story living room, a tree was required to make the space balanced and inviting.  Installing a branching tree 17 feet tall is perhaps manageable in a commercial space, but in a residential interior, it is a true effort.  An 18-wheeler delivered it, (which is not possible in some areas), and we gently worked it through the 36” wide door with three men.  I will photograph this space for you to see in my next ad, but no one realizes the effort it takes to bring two-story spaces to truly “comfy” gracious spaces.  The warm arms of a tree with an entire living space under it, is a universal dream of the planet.

We had enough height to achieve just that.

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