De Majo’s Elegant Chandeliers Make Any Home A Masterpiece

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Chandeliers are a work of elegance that can only add to a home and accentuate even the simplest interiors and convert them into masterpieces. Specializing in classic chandeliers through traditional glassmaking methods, De Majo is a Murano-based company whose chandeliers are ideal for enhancing homes, palaces, villas and hotels.

There is no doubt that all De Majo chandeliers are absolutely exquisite, but the elegant Collection definitely has some of the most standout pieces. Priced at $58,500 and made of stunning clear glass with engraved octagons on chromed metal structure, the Ice Chandelier gives the impression of dreamlike icicles fit for a palace entirely made of ice. On the other hand, the Quattro Elementi glass chandelier is reminiscent of the Fall season made with gold leaf and ranges from clear glass, amber, green, aquamarine, light violet and red with a price tag of $72,700.

Rounding off the top three from the elegant Collection is the Sara chandelier, which features a clear glass in milk white that adds a classic touch to any home at a price of $58,600.

Source: Luxury Launches

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