Darryl Agawin’s ‘Balance Stool’ Encourages Active Workdays

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Canadian designer Darryl Agawin has architected a “balance stool” that will help sitters avoid workday passivity by strengthening core muscles. The stool is part of Agawin’s “No Sweat!” line of exercise furniture.


“It’s not only about finding the time to exercise, but also about incorporating it into your daily routines, from taking the stairs, going for a walk and, with the balance stool, engaging and strengthening your core muscles in a passive activity. This activity becomes a part of your life, promoting a healthier lifestyle without you realizing it,” Agawin told Dezeen.

Constructed from ash wood reclaimed from the pests who sought to destroy it and the landfills to which it was destined, the stool serves Toronto’s ecosystem. According to Agawin, more than 200,000 trees are razed annually in this area of Canada.

balance stool

Inspired by traditional Japanese and Danish principles, Agawin incorporated modern techniques by using simple CNC—or computer numerical control—in the stool’s production. In order to create the clean, even look of the wood, he utilized a paste of pure soap flakes and hot water—a traditional Danish technique.

The stool’s exercise elements are awakened by the semi-spherical base under its seat, which will topple if the sitter does not keep it upright, hence the ab-workout required to perch there.

Should floor exercises be preferable, the seat and base can be removed.

Photos courtesy of Darryl Agawin; additional details courtesy of Dezeen

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