‘Cloud Citizen’ Floats to the Top at the Shenzhen Bay Super City Masterplan Competition

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Urban Future Organization (UFO) and CR-Design—in collaboration with a team of regenerative design experts at Chalmers Technical University—swept away the top prize at the Shenzhen Bay Super City Masterplan Competition.

In quest of a green 170-hectare financial district that would rival such iconic hubs as as La Défense in Paris and Canary Wharf in London, the competition requested the inclusion of three high-rise structures, cultural buildings, and a large green space to connect the district to the surrounding city.

Cloud Citizen

The visionary winning proposal, named “Cloud Citizen,” presents a singular 2,230-foot-tall hyper dense urban center that functions as a “continuous metropolis” with green public spaces suspended in the air—like clouds—and integrated into the structure itself.

Cloud Citizen

Comprised of interconnected living modules, “Cloud Citizen” has been designed to give back to the environment with its ecologically viable alternative to the traditional unconnected high-rises. The masterplan boasts areas for the harvesting of rainwater and solar power, and for the storage of carbon and filtering of pollutants from the air. In addition, there are sanctuaries for wild plants and the production of food.

Clous Citizen

Through its ingenious integration of “Skyparks” within its structure, “Cloud Citizen” invites the next generation of China to enjoy a deeper connection to nature, outdoor recreation, and healthier lifestyles above all.

Details and photos courtesy of ArchDaily

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